LCD Seamless Splicing Into The Era

- Jul 13, 2016 -

In order to achieve the goal of 0 patchwork, double seams to increase transparency to examine the electronic LED display, in order to overcome the seams with color LCD panel mismatch. Developed a high-definition LCD splicing system -0 + 0mm LCD seamless splicing using this technology to achieve the goal of transparent seams, many projects are currently using this technology.

The adoption of this technology LG LCD splicing screen 55 inches and 55 inches Samsung LCD splicing screen adopt LED backlighting, and supports high-definition picture quality output.

Widely used in television studio background, financial data monitoring center, and an important figure in display systems, will never allow any screen with black lines or black box.

Even television LCD splicing technology is widely applied, conference monitoring, navigation systems, advertising display, digital signage and other areas of the picture of consistency requirements are also increasing.

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