LCD Screen Splicing University Asked Where To Buy

- Jul 13, 2016 -

Commercial large-screen display in the field more and more important in the current development of society. LCD splicing is received favored customers of the star products. However, as the market expands, competition is increasingly fierce. LCD splicing field alone, the domestic manufacturers are numerous, each manufacturers have introduced products also have their own advantages. Face the front of a large number of liquid crystal mosaic, how to choose a reasonable price, but also more satisfied with the quality is indeed a technology live. There may comprise a major problem, oh.

First, we should choose a high resolution product. Large-screen LCD splicing display area of increasingly high-resolution, double LCD splicing screen resolution up to 1920 * 1080, high resolution display screen of the display more clearly, to meet customers' visual needs. So, buy LCD splicing screen resolution to be considered.

Second, patchwork mosaic screen size. For stitching, of course, it is a patchwork smaller the better. Shuangliu liquid crystal mosaic patchwork of only 1.8mm, the smaller the better patchwork. Therefore, the choice patchwork stitching is one of the factors must not be ignored.

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