LCD Display The Principle

- Aug 04, 2017 -

LCD life is generally 20000 ~ 50000 hours, according to the daily use of 5 hours, probably can use 10 years. LCD core components are mainly liquid crystal layer and the upper and lower two polarizers and backlight components. The main components of the backlight assembly are the backlight and the light guide plate. Mainstream desktop LCD backlight tube is CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent LampsL, cold cathode fluorescent lamp), LCD Display its principle with the same neon lights, but the diameter is very small. A single high-brightness backlight tube is often limited life, so in actual use, most use dual lamp or four lamp design. Under normal circumstances, LCD life depends mainly on the life of the backlight tube, the general use of tens of thousands of hours without problems. After a certain period of time, the backlight tube will appear aging, the brightness will be reduced, LCD Display then you can replace the backlight tube to make the LCD regain new life (may require professional manufacturers in the dust-free state replacement).

The principle of radiation is the current to produce magnetic field, the magnetic field to produce electric field, the electric field and then generate the magnetic field so infinite cycle, LCD Display and its source is the current, so as long as there is current there is radiation. However, the liquid crystal display is not a high-voltage coil of ordinary display so the radiation is very low. Liquid crystal display is much smaller than flat screen display. Because it does not have high-voltage circuit, LCD Display do not need high-speed electron beam bombardment of the screen, so there is no beta, γ and other rays, but high-frequency radiation still exists.

General formal LCD screen brand products, are done by the country's 3C certification. One of the 3C certifications is electromagnetic interference and radiation testing. Usually in line with national standards. But the domestic 3C standard is slightly lower than the CE and fcc standards a little bit.

In general, the LCD screen front and back of the radiation are similar, there is no special which side more or less that, in short, the liquid crystal display radiation is much smaller, induction cooker, LCD Display microwave and other products. Buy or try to buy after 3c certified products it Part of the cottage products are not doing these tests. Some cottage these tests also do. Home with pregnant women, LCD Display then, as little as possible with electronic products it

The length of the signal response time determines whether the screen can be displayed smoothly, such as playing 3D games or watching the film when there is a serious "ghosting" or "sweep" phenomenon. The indicator is usually the average signal response time and the rise of the signal response time two (such as "50ms / 25ms"), the former for the overall signal reaction time. The user should select the product with the average signal response time as a reference value. In the purchase of middle and low LCD display, the average signal response time should be at least 50 ~ 60ms below.

By the working principle of the restrictions, LCD monitor from different angles to watch the screen image, the image clarity, color and brightness effects will be very different. Visual angle is divided into horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle, in which the horizontal viewing angle of the user's great significance, LCD Display the purchase of products, at least to ensure that the horizontal viewing angle of 120 ° or more.

The contrast of the LCD display refers to the difference between the brightest white area of the screen image and the dark black area, resulting in different brightness levels. The higher the contrast means the richer the level of color that can be presented. With the LCD technology continues to mature, LCD Display this indicator even in the middle and low products generally can reach 250: 1, and some high-end products can even reach 400: 1.

The higher the brightness value means that you can see a brighter picture, a clearer image. The brightness in the LCD display is measured in cd / m2, meaning the candlelight brightness per square meter. Select this parameter should be set at least 200cd / m2, can reach 250cd / m2 more ideal. LCD Display In addition, the contrast and brightness of the two indicators on the impact of LCD monitors are interrelated, so the choice should be balanced to consider these two indicators.

Splash screen generally refers to the display on the computer display problems, the computer is running, the screen appears flashing or irregular flashing, sometimes the horizontal lines and vertical lines. Splash screen and snowflake screen is mainly caused by the problem of the graphics card, LCD Display snowflake screen similar to the TV snow screen, flash screen like a video card driver problem, the picture is complete, but the eyes looked very uncomfortable. LCD Display So you should first check the graphics card, but does not rule out the monitor itself. And then check whether the VGA cable plug, or whether there is a broken pin, you can try for a try, there may be VGA interface to connect the computer screen line is faulty

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