LCD Display Basics Description

- Aug 30, 2017 -

LED (Light Emitting Diode), light-emitting diodes, referred to as LED, is a power can be converted into visible light solid-state semiconductor devices, it can be directly converted into light.

LED display large screen features:

1, show the general technical characteristics

A.256 gray level control technology b. Non-linear correction technology c.Gamma correction technology d. Brightness adjustment technology e. Static constant current drive f. Frame synchronization technology g. Network function

2, display proprietary technical features

A. Pixel sharing technology b.8192 level nonlinear gray level control technology c. Two Gamma correction technology d. Stepless (continuous) brightness adjustment e. High-definition video branch application f. Digital video image lossless transmission

3, liquid crystal display process characteristics

Material control process

(1) LED discrete control technology (2) arrangement / color mixing technology

B. Module control process

(1) standardized "large module" structure (2) positioning mask application (3) LED arrangement techniques (4) large module structure on the temperature regulation

C. Box structure design process

(1) Application of positioning column (2) Sealed box structure (3) "After maintenance" structure (4) Application of air plug

D. Screen body structure

(1) good flatness (2) large viewing angle (3) high strength (4) easy to long distance transport

4, display system expansion technology advantages summary

A. Software compatibility: editing, easy production, display rich, free layout, adaptability

B. Network interface is powerful: with a wide range of network interface functions

C. A variety of video signal input interface: standard signal, analog RGB, high-definition television signals, digital video, cable TV

LED large screen classification:

Indoor LED full color large screen

Indoor full color LED display using indoor surface paste three and one technology with its following characteristics, was widely used in large sports venues, train waiting room, live television live, exhibition venues, large-scale variety show scene, concert scene.

Outdoor LED full color large screen

Outdoor high-definition high-end full-color large-scale video LED multimedia display, screen resolution, color uniformity, three-dimensional level strong, can play pictures, text, radio, television, video, VCD and a variety of three-dimensional animation. And can be synchronized with the computer VGA display real-time output display, suitable for connection with all types of Internet real-time broadcast media information.

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