Graphic LCD Display Widely Used

- Jul 14, 2017 -

As the best screen display equipment industry, LCD splicing screen is currently widely used in entertainment, security, transportation, energy, Graphic LCD Display radio and television and other industries. Graphic LCD Display LCD splicing screen can be based on different needs to achieve the screen split single-screen display or multi-screen display of the Variety of large-screen function to solve the traditional TV curtain wall of various defects, for the convenience, comprehensive, Graphic LCD Display real-time display system video information, Graphic LCD Display Is for the remote real-time command, scheduling and other engineering applications to provide the best large-screen display system. Graphic LCD Display In the application, the LCD splicing screen has a number of performance advantages.

1, long life, low maintenance costs. LCD is the longest life of the display device, its life is very long, even the shortest life of the backlight part, up to 50,000 hours or more, Graphic LCD Display and even if used for such a long time, it will only affect its brightness , Just replace the backlight tube, you can restore the original bright colors. This is a fundamental difference with the rear projection, Graphic LCD Display LCD backlight life is ten times the rear projection lamp, its merits and demerits.

2, viewing angle. For the early LCD products, Graphic LCD Display the viewing angle was once a major problem restricting the LCD, but with the continuous progress of LCD technology, Graphic LCD Display has now completely solved this problem. LCD splicing curtain wall using DID LCD screen, its viewing angle to achieve more than 178 degrees, has reached the absolute perspective of the effect.

3, high resolution, bright picture. LCD dot pitch is much smaller than the plasma, the physical resolution can easily reach and exceed the HD standard, LCD brightness and contrast are high, bright colors, BSV LCD splicing technology to achieve pure plane display completely no curvature, Graphic LCD Display image stability is not Flashing.

4, ultra-thin and lightweight. LCD with a thin thickness, Graphic LCD Display light weight characteristics, can be easily stitching and installation. Graphic LCD Display 40-inch dedicated LCD screen, weighs only 12.5KG, the thickness of less than 10 cm, which is other display devices can not match.

5, low power consumption, low heat. Liquid crystal display devices, low power, low fever has always been known for people. Small size LCD screen power is not greater than 35W, Graphic LCD Display 40-inch LCD screen, its power is only about 150W, about only one-third of the plasma to one quarter.

6, flexible splicing display combination function. LCD splicing screen can be personalized according to the requirements of different users, select single-screen display, Graphic LCD Display the entire screen display, any combination of display, image roaming, image overlay and other functions.

7, trouble-free time, low maintenance costs. Graphic LCD Display LCD is the most stable and reliable display device, because the heat is very small, Graphic LCD Display the device is very stable, not because of high temperature damage caused by component failure.

LCD splicing screen not only has many performance advantages, in the way of splicing is also very flexible, Graphic LCD Display the most common on the market there are external drag splicing controller, embedded and PCI card type of these three stitching.

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