Graphic LCD Display The Request

- Aug 14, 2017 -

LCD display (LCD) has a display information rich, low power consumption, Graphic LCD Display small size, light weight, ultra-thin and many other displays can not match the advantages of the past few years has been widely used in single-chip control of intelligent instruments, instruments and low-power electronics Product. LCD can be divided into segment-type LCD, character LCD and dot matrix LCD. Among them, Graphic LCD Display the segment type LCD and character LCD can only be used for simple display of characters and numbers, can not meet the graphics curve and Chinese characters display requirements; and dot matrix LCD can not only display characters, numbers, Graphic LCD Display can also display a variety of graphics, And Chinese characters, and can achieve the screen up and down left and right scrolling, animation, partition open window, reverse, flashing and other functions, Graphic LCD Display uses a wide range. This paper introduces the dot matrix LCD display HS12232-1, HS12232-9 and the microcontroller interface and programming methods, while giving two kinds of display commonly used character display and Chinese characters display program.

GB2312-80 contains a total of Chinese characters, graphic symbols, Graphic LCD Display such as a total of 7445, of which 6763 Chinese characters, according to the frequency of the use of Chinese characters into two levels, including a Chinese characters 3755, Graphic LCD Display two Chinese characters 3008. Chinese characters, graphic symbols according to their location will be divided into 94 "area", each district contains 94 Chinese characters, each character is also known as "bit". The "area" of the serial number from 01 to 94 area, "bit" of the serial number from 01 to 94. If the "bit" is indicated in the horizontal direction and the "area" is the vertical, the "area" and "bit" form a two-dimensional coordinate. Given a "zone" value and a "bit" value, you can determine a unique Chinese character or graphic symbol. That is, four Arabic numerals can uniquely determine a Chinese character or symbol. Such as "North" word code is "1717", and Beijing word code is "3009". The first two are "zone" number, Graphic LCD Display the latter two are "bit" number. Which 1 to 15 area is a variety of graphic symbols, tabs and some major countries of the language letters, 16 to 87 areas are Chinese characters, of which 16 to 55 is a level of Chinese characters, 56 to 87 is a secondary Chinese characters.

Using the built-in font of the Chinese LCD graphics dot matrix module serial port interface advantages than the parallel port, save I / O mouth, do not take ROM, the interface circuit is simple, Graphic LCD Display to solve the limited number of Chinese characters show the bottleneck problem and small volume non-bus Structure of Chinese characters in single - chip microcomputer. Graphic LCD Display I believe that the future of its use rate will gradually increase, compared to the serial port of this article two ways, Graphic LCD Display hope that the majority of peers in the use of LCD graphics dot matrix module inspired and help. 

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