Graphic LCD Display The Most Widely Used

- Sep 26, 2017 -

Is a display using a cathode ray tube (Cathode Ray Tube), Graphic LCD Display the cathode ray tube consists of five parts: Electron Gun, Deflection coils, Shadow Mask, Phosphor, And glass shell. It is one of the most widely used displays, CRT flat screen display with a large viewing angle, no dead pixels, high color reproduction, color uniformity, adjustable multi-resolution mode, Graphic LCD Display the response time is extremely short and so difficult LCD display More than the advantages, and now the CRT monitor prices cheaper than the LCD display a lot. Graphic LCD Display According to different standards, CRT monitors can be divided into different types.

LED is light emitting diode, the abbreviation of light-emitting diodes, referred to as LED. It is a display screen that controls various kinds of information such as text, graphics, images, animation, market, Graphic LCD Display video, video signal by controlling the display mode of semiconductor light-emitting diodes.

LCD display that is the LCD display, Graphic LCD Display the advantages of thin body, small footprint, small radiation, giving a healthy image of the product. But the actual situation is not the case, the use of LCD screen may not be able to protect the eyes, Graphic LCD Display which need to see everyone using the computer habits.

3D display has always been recognized as the ultimate dream of the development of technology, over the years there are many companies and research institutions engaged in this research. Japan, Europe and the United States, South Korea and other developed countries and regions as early as the 20th century, 80 years have been involved in three-dimensional display technology research and development, Graphic LCD Display in the 1990s began to obtain different degrees of research results, has been developed to wear three-dimensional glasses and do not need to wear three Glasses of the two three-dimensional display technology system. Traditional 3D movies have two sets of images on the screen (from two cameras at each angle when shooting), Graphic LCD Display the viewer must wear a polarizer to eliminate ghosting (leaving one eye only by a group of images ), The formation of parallax (parallax), resulting in three-dimensional.

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