Graphic LCD Display Carry Out Testing

- Sep 30, 2017 -

The test item uses a color / monochrome pattern to check the gradation performance and check the brightness / chroma change with a simple image. Several test images are available for download, Graphic LCD Display such as a color pattern. We hope that you will be able to display the downloaded test image in the photo modification software or in a browser that can accurately restore the color. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you must be very careful, because in many cases, the color can not be accurately displayed in the Web browser. Graphic LCD Display (Currently only a few browsers, such as Safari and Firefox 3.x, can be color management).

Before you begin a visual inspection of the monitor quality, Graphic LCD Display return your LCD to the default settings and select Adobe RGB or sRGB as the image quality mode. If you do not have these modes, you can set the color temperature to 6500K and set the gamma to 2.2. If you can not adjust the color temperature and gamma values, simply adjust the brightness and contrast so that they are easier to discern. Graphic LCD Display Of course, if the liquid crystal display environment has been color calibration, Graphic LCD Display you can keep the same.

After the monitor power is turned on, Graphic LCD Display the normal LCD screen takes some time to stabilize, so wait for at least 30 minutes before starting the test. (Most EIZO monitors do not need to wait, because they are equipped with our proprietary dimming function, which can be stabilized within a short time after the display is started.)

We also hope that you can adjust the monitor stand to avoid room light reflection on the screen. For displays with glossy screens, you must pay special attention because they are highly reflective. If the ambient light is reflected, it will hinder the visual assessment. Graphic LCD Display If you turn off the lights at night and block the ambient light as much as possible, it will be helpful. This applies to both smooth and non-smooth (matte) type screens.

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