Development Of Liquid Crystal Splicing

- Jul 13, 2016 -

LCD splicing screen has become an increasingly important part of the security monitoring system, with the LCD splicing technology advances, its use will be more widely throughout 2014, more and more high technology content, function will become more comprehensive stronger.

After several years of rapid spreading, realized LED LCD splicing screen ultra-thin, ultra-narrow range of technical feat, any stitching, multi-roaming, the current market's largest LCD splicing unit can reach 60 inches, and the volume small and light weight, convenient installation.

LCD splicing screen quickly followed undertaken in various career fields, it uses a wider field, more welcomed by everyone. Select LCD Video Wall product into the professional large-screen device to show an ideal choice. Splicing the big screen as a large-screen high-end products appear on the market for traffic safety, energy, electricity, and other fields of safety monitoring plan provides a perfect solution to meet the multiple career fields appear on the monitor screen and use requirements. From a long-term point of view to carry out safety control perspective, LCD splicing screen digital security monitoring, scheduling automation, information resource integration and central control and management functions for security monitoring to carry out the supply of a brand new way.

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