Character LCD Display Use And Save

- Oct 23, 2017 -

High-brightness LCD screen from the structure that belongs to the flat panel display device. Its basic structure, was flat. Typical bright LCD basic structure: it is mainly by the front and rear polarizer, before and after ITO conductive glass, sealing edge and LCD and other major components. Of course, Character LCD Display different types of bright LCD screen part of its components may be different, such as: phase change, PDLC, multi-steady state bright LCD screen without polarizer, active matrix type bright LCD screen on the substrate Active matrix circuit, etc., but all bright LCD screen can be considered by two lithography with a transparent conductive electrode substrate, clamping a liquid crystal layer, sealed into a flat box, sometimes the outer surface may also be placed on the polarization Film and so on.

The liquid crystal material is the main body of the bright LCD screen. Different devices used in different liquid crystal materials, liquid crystal materials are mostly by several or even a dozen monomer liquid crystal material mixture. Each liquid crystal material has its own fixed clear point TL and crystal point TS. It is also required that each highlight LCD screen must be used and stored in a certain temperature range between TS and TL. If the use or preservation temperature is too low, the crystal will destroy the orientation layer of the highlighted LCD screen; and the temperature is too high, LCD will lose the liquid crystal state, it will lose the function of liquid crystal display device.

This is a very flat surface of the float production of thin glass. Surface deposited with a layer of In2O3 and SiO2 transparent conductive layer, that is, ITO film. The lithography process is made into a transparent conductive pattern, which consists of a pixel pattern and an outer lead pattern. Therefore, Character LCD Display the outer leads can not be subjected to conventional soldering, and can be connected only by conductive rubber strips or conductive tapes. If scratched, cut or corroded, it will cause the device to be scrapped.

Polarizer, also known as polarizer, made of plastic film material. Coated with a layer of optical pressure-sensitive adhesive, can be affixed to the surface of the LCD box. There is also a protective film on the surface of the front polarizer, should be used when exposed, polarized film afraid of high temperature, high humidity, high temperature and high humidity conditions will be biased or blistering.

The alignment film is mounted on the two glass substrates so that the liquid crystal is aligned along the groove, and the liquid crystal rod-like molecules having the dipole moment change their arrangement state by the applied electric field so that the light passing through the liquid crystal display device is modulated Showing bright and dark or through with the imperfect display. Highlighting each display pixel in the LCD screen can be controlled by the electric field alone, and the different display pixels can be composed of different characters, numbers and graphics on the display in accordance with the command of the control signal. Character LCD Display So that the combination of the electric field required for display and the combination of the control display pixels becomes a function of the liquid crystal display driver and the liquid crystal display controller.

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