Character LCD Display Of The Maintenance

- Jul 14, 2017 -

High temperature: we see the machine in the home is nothing more than the wall and the rack-mounted two kinds of way, but my personal observation, the same model and the same time to buy the machine, Character LCD Display the wall of the machine than the seat of the The probability of failure, and the same failure is also out of 1 to 2 years, so it seems, and temperature-related, in this case, Character LCD Display I repair the machine will be installed two computer fans to ensure that during the warranty period will not High temperature and repair.

Corrosion resistance: In addition to the above said karaoke, Character LCD Display near the kitchen machine than other machines failure rate, and their problems are derived from the metal surface between the connector corrosion, and even lead to double-sided copper eye corrosion, Character LCD Display The source of this phenomenon is of course the quality of air problems, and for the maintenance of this situation, I use a thermal grease sealed and does not affect the heat of the method of course, the metal connector with a rubber paint paint clean

Almost all of the screen will appear black belt, Character LCD Display bright line of the problem, repair the first fault to have maintenance conditions, after the completion of maintenance as far as possible with a thermal grease coated on the COF module IC more because this problem is caused by temperature

1 backlight in the exchange of power instantaneous LCD screen on the light off, this time, sound, remote control, panel button control functions are normal This phenomenon is caused by the protection of the backlight circuit, the reason for the backlight power supply board abnormalities for CCFL Backlight circuit, Character LCD Display if a certain backlight tube open (common for the backlight on the plate to open the lamp socket or the socket does not plug the circuit caused by the protection) or a lamp break can cause the above fault

2 backlight switch machine no change, Character LCD Display sound, remote control, panel button control are normal This fault to detect the following several working conditions: 1), the backlight power supply circuit board power supply, common large screen for 24 volts, very few with 120 V, the small screen is generally 12 volts, 2), the CPU control circuit output of the backlight boost board oscillator switch control signal, common for high-level start, mostly 3V-5V lamp lighting control signal If the above Working conditions are available, Character LCD Display you can replace the backlight step-up board, if the replacement of the backlight after the failure of the plate as early as the LCD panel components in the backlight tube damage

3 backlight when the light is not bright when the backlight for the lamp plate and the lamp tube failure, backlight power supply high or low actual maintenance, Character LCD Display 24V power supply with a digital table measurement should not have 1V error (power board On the output of the 24V voltage, whether it is no load or load should be stable)

The display light is not bright, Character LCD Display but the power indicator light green light often this problem is generally caused by high voltage anomalies, is to protect the circuit action, in this case, the general LCD screen is displayed, see the method Is "strabismus" 3. Display black screen, Character LCD Display no backlight Power light green light.

 Strabismus LCD screen display images, Character LCD Display mostly high voltage board power supply circuit problems

12V power supply (fuse F) and 3V or 5V switching voltage is normal.If the MCU problem is not caused by the output switch control voltage, you can directly extract the 3-side regulator block (AIC1084) 3.3V instead. Repair high-voltage board ideas (power Fuse ---- switch control tube ---- power management IC ---- push the hair tube ---- power switch ---- DA conversion circuit (energy storage inductors, Character LCD Display rectifier) --- LC Boost circuit (step-up transformer, boost capacitor) ------

Coupling capacitor ---- lamp 4. Screen bright line, bright band or dark line This problem is generally the failure of the LCD screen fault line is generally connected to the LCD screen on the line of a problem or a row and column Of the drive

IC damage.

 Dark line is generally the screen of the body of leakage, Character LCD Display or TAB flexible board connection open the above two questions is basically to the machine sentenced to death, Character LCD Display and no maintenance value, because the price of a screen is too high (Guangzhou has a special replacement code Film, Character LCD Display the charges are high, the repair rate is also high)

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