Character LCD Display Normal Use

- Oct 31, 2017 -

First look at the appearance of the general high-end refurbished goods rarely (because it will spend a high price, can not sell this is a problem), even if the means of profiteering and then superb, Character LCD Display in general, the appearance of refurbished LCD will also leave some Used traces. Carefully observe the vertex of the monitor frame, you will find some places have to wear, especially under the display base, because it has been used for some time, the bottom will certainly have more or less wear and tear. In addition, Character LCD Display the cooling port and the monitor behind the data line jack should also carefully view, will leave some dust and plug the traces.

Open the monitor, into the system, in general, under normal use, 3 to 4 years of the LCD screen will make you feel a bit yellow, or the degree of color is not enough, Character LCD Display the LCD screen is the most difficult to replace the replacement parts, Identify whether it is a measure of refurbished goods. Generally can run colorful, high resolution pictures or video to identify, you can also use Nokia Monitor Test 2.0 this monitor test software to detect.

LCD and transistor, LCD, as the name suggests, Character LCD Display which is "liquid", the longer the time, the degree of aging of the liquid crystal than the transistor aging faster, the so-called dead pixels is: liquid crystal can not cover the screen The In general, the domestic manufacturers to control the dead pixels of the liquid crystal within 3, the industry is called "A-screen", the standard is the domestic LCD screen shipping standards, more than three belong to the defective , Is not allowed to market, and this point the majority of users should pay attention. So, Character LCD Display the number of dead pixels and the degree of color is a direct identification of the display is good or bad "the final standard"!

First of all we have to know, refurbished LCD monitors, mostly re-repair machines and the acquisition of two mobile phones. So the market is generally listed earlier, Character LCD Display and to 17 inches, 19 inches of the majority of products, so if consumers buy, and found that their choice of the display model is relatively old, has been shown in the vendor has been discontinued for a long time, then There may be refurbished machines that need special attention.

1, when you buy a new LCD monitor, Character LCD Display in the absence of power, the darker the screen, the darker the color, indicating that the better the quality of the display, the lower the degree of reflective!

2, computer city basically all the businesses to show you the LCD display, often with very beautiful images, and many users in the purchase, in the usual use of the process, Character LCD Display only to find the LCD screen has multiple dead pixels Or dark spots or highlights, in the purchase must pay special attention.

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