Character LCD Display Character Spacing And Line Spacing

- Sep 26, 2017 -

1, character LCD display is a number of 5'8 or 5'11 dot matrix composed of display character group. Character LCD Display Each lattice block is a character bit, Character LCD Display the character spacing and the line spacing are the width of a point.

2, the main control drive circuit for the HD44780 (HITACHI) and other companies compatible circuit, Character LCD Display such as SED1278 (SEIKO EPSON), KS0066 (SAMSUNG), Character LCD Display NJU6408 (NER JAPAN RADIO).

3, with a character generator ROM can display 192 characters (160 5'7 dot matrix characters and 32 5'10 dot matrix characters)

4, with 64 bytes of custom character RAM, Character LCD Display can be customized 8 5'8 dot matrix characters or four 5'11 dot matrix characters.

5, with 80 bytes of RAM.

6, the standard interface characteristics, Character LCD Display adapted M6800 series MPU operation timing.

7, the module is compact, lightweight, easy assembly.

8, single +5 V power supply.

9, low power consumption (10-15mw), long life (50000h 25 degrees), Character LCD Display high reliability.

1: the high temperature: Character LCD Display we see the machine in the home is nothing more than the wall and the rack-mounted two kinds of way, but I personally observe the same model and the same time to buy the machine, wall of the machine than the seat Type of failure probability, and the same failure is also out of 1 to 2 years, so it seems, and temperature-related, in this case, Character LCD Display I repair the machine will be installed two computer fans to ensure that during the warranty period does not Will be due to high temperature and repair.

2: Corrosion resistance: Character LCD Display In addition to the above said karaoke, near the kitchen machine than other machines failure rate, and their problems are derived from the metal surface between the connector corrosion, Character LCD Display and even lead to double-sided copper Corrosion, the source of this phenomenon is of course the quality of air problems, Character LCD Display and for the maintenance of this situation, I use a thermal grease sealed and does not affect the heat of the method of course, the metal connector with a rubber paint paint clean

3: almost all of the screen will appear black belt, Character LCD Display bright line of the problem, repair the first fault to have maintenance conditions, after the completion of maintenance as far as possible with a thermal grease coated on the COF module IC more because this problem is caused by temperature

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