Graphic LCD Display Characteristics

- Jun 09, 2017 -

Graphic LCD Display In the digital circuit, all the data are stored in 0 and 1, the LCD controller for different data operations, you can get different results. For English-language operations, only 8 bits (a bytes) are required because of the very small number of English alphabets. And for the Chinese, commonly used but more than 6000, so our DOS predecessors think of a way, that is, Graphic LCD Display the high 128 of the ASCII table is rarely used in two of the value of a group to represent Chinese characters, that is, the internal code of Chinese characters. The remaining 128 digits are left to the English characters, which is the internal code of the word. So, Graphic LCD Display after you get the inner code of the Chinese character, it's just a set of numbers, how do you show it on the screen? This involves the text of the type, although the font is also a group of numbers, but its significance and the significance of the number of fundamental changes, it is the number of information to record the shape of English or Chinese characters, such as English ' A ' in the form of the record way

For the photoelectric properties of liquid crystals, there are many different characteristics besides the two important characteristics mentioned above. Like the elastic constants (Elastic constant: Sian 11, S. 22, Kian 33, which contains three main constants, respectively, are the elastic constants of the oblique (Splay), the Sian 11 refers to the elastic constants of the twisted (S. 22), and the twist refers to the elastic constants of the bending (Kian 33). In addition, the viscosity coefficient (Viscosity Coefficients, ETA), will affect the rotational speed and reaction time of the liquid crystal molecules (response times), the smaller the better. However, Graphic LCD Display this feature is most affected by the temperature. There is also the magnetic susceptibility (Magnetic Susceptibility), also because of the heterogeneity of liquid crystals, divided into C//and Chan. The heterogeneity of magnetic susceptibility is defined as Cic = c//Be. In addition there are electrical conductivity (Conductivity) and so on photoelectric characteristics.

The most important feature of liquid crystal is the dielectric coefficient and refractive index of liquid crystal. The dielectric coefficient is the influence of the electric field of liquid crystal on the characteristics of the liquid crystal molecule, while the refraction coefficient is the important parameter that affects the path of light when the light penetrates the liquid crystal. Graphic LCD Display The liquid crystal display is the use of these characteristics of liquid crystal itself, the appropriate use of voltage to control the rotation of liquid crystal molecules, and thus affect the direction of light, to form different gray levels, Graphic LCD Display as a tool to display images. Of course, the LCD itself can not be used as a display, Graphic LCD Display but also need other materials to help, the following we would like to introduce the liquid crystal display of the composition of the materials and operating principles.

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