LCD Display When The Monitor

- Jun 09, 2017 -

Font blur is a common problem of liquid crystal display, LCD Display so-called font Faxu problem, is that we use liquid crystal display, the feeling of the font is like dragging shadow, no normal when the sharp font feeling. LCD Display Font Faxu problem, in fact, most of the case, LCD Display font Faxu because the user's own settings have problems.

To solve the problem of LCD font Faxu, LCD Display the first thing to do is to see if the resolution of the liquid crystal display is correctly set. The LCD display will have an optimal resolution, just like the 19-inch widescreen LCD is 1440 (partly 1680 1050), the 22-inch widescreen LCD is 1680 1050, LCD Display and when the user-defined resolution is not the optimal resolution, the font Faxu will appear.

If the user can not find the appropriate resolution in the adjustment option with the LCD, you need to install the driver for the video card first. LCD Display This also explains why most users who find the font Faxu phenomenon occur after the video card has been replaced. Therefore, if you find that the LCD display font Faxu problems, please first check whether the system resolution is set to the optimal resolution, if the optimal resolution is not found in the adjustment, LCD Display then you must first properly install the video card (including integrated motherboard) driver.

If the resolution is determined to be correctly set, there will still be character Faxu phenomenon, then the user needs to adjust the LCD. method is very simple, LCD Display directly press the LCD OSD menu on the "Auto" button (some LCD is through the combination of keys to achieve the Auto button), its role is to allow the LCD to automatically adjust the display, so that the text more sharp. Of course, this is only useful for analog signals (VGA), if the user is using a DVI signal line, then its role is not too large. If the user's LCD OSD button does not have the "auto" button, LCD Display it needs to be manually adjusted, in general, to adjust the "pixel frequency (pixel clock)" and "phase adjustment (phase)" Two of options, which can be found in the LCD adjustment menu.

In addition to resolution and automatic adjustment, LCD Display some LCD display font Faxu phenomenon is indeed because of the LCD IC drive circuit design or defects and aging caused, also may be integrated motherboard electromagnetic shielding do not good, this in some low-cost products appear on the probability is relatively large (in fact, very rare), for in the implementation of the previous operation has no effect, LCD Display it can only contact the LCD display after the sale and manufacturers.

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