Why just bought a computer LCD display splash screen?

- Jul 13, 2016 -

Computer gradually become a necessity of modern society, people live life, more and more people are using the computer, every time we buy a new computer mood is very excited, but in the use of the process will always be this kind of problem , for example, a new configuration of the LCD display why splash screen.

When you purchase a computer keep their eyes open, some manufacturers shoddy, second-hand refurbished individual businesses, assembled computers many problems, these problems are we in the purchase of the computer room need to consider the issue.

Power transformers and chassis from the monitor too close. Electromagnetic interference can cause greater work when the power transformer, causing screen jitter. The power transformer in a place away from the chassis and the monitor, the problem can be solved.

Put too close to the speakers. Magnetic field effect speakers will interfere with the normal work of the display, the display screen jitter generation and cross-color and other magnetic interference.

Bad power supply or power supply has deteriorated. Many brand-name computer power components used in workmanship, materials are very poor, could easily lead to poor circuit or power supply capacity of the computer can not keep up when the system is busy, the display will appear in particular, screen jitter phenomenon. Computer power supplies began to decay, it is likely to cause the same problem.

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