What is an LCD display, LED and what

- Jul 13, 2016 -

When it comes to the difference between LED and LCD display screen, a lot of people only know LED, LED also think better than LCD, it is not true, both with advantages, also have drawbacks of their relative, why people only know LED display this should be the relationship between advertising and propaganda to confuse our audiovisual.

In fact, they are not a big difference, please be patient and read it. The difference between LED and LCD display backlight only that, all the same panel, merchants say, somewhat deceptive nature of the real LED is we see a big billboard on the wall like that. They are two of the liquid crystal panel, also known as TN panels. Type backlight, LED and CCFL, respectively diodes and cold cathode fluorescent lamp, you go to Baidu a search to understand. Compare the course is a diode, energy saving, environmental protection, local small, high brightness, fashion, but the price is expensive. If you are optimistic about these two prices, or buy LED, if a big change, it is necessary the LCD. LCD is also good, I feel softer lamp, adjustable range is relatively high.

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