The difference between LCD monitors and CRT monitors

- Jul 13, 2016 -

LCD is backlit principle, to use the lamp as a light source or a backlight, a liquid crystal display by the auxiliary optical module and a liquid crystal layer to light to achieve the display control Li people want. LCD is one kind of the regular arrangement of the organic compound, which is a solid and liquid, of between, is currently used in the molecular arrangement is most suitable for the manufacture of liquid crystal displays fine columnar nematic liquid crystal. The liquid crystal itself is not capable of emitting light, its display is mainly electric field is generated by changing the voltage of the liquid crystal in leaving produce changes to display images.

LCD liquid crystal display is mainly composed of two sodium-free glass sandwiching a polarizing plate by the sandwich liquid crystal layer and a light colored sheet composed consider composed. Polarizers, color filters determines how much light can pass through and what colors of light is generated. Liquid crystal is filled between two well-planes constituting the liquid crystal layer, these two columns on the glass surface has many grooves, the grooves are parallel to the glass surface alone, but two parallel glass surfaces of groove is perpendicular to each other. Simply means that the glass surface of the trench behind the longitudinally aligned, then the flat glass surface is arranged horizontally.

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