Teach you how to choose a liquid crystal display

- Jul 13, 2016 -

If consumers in the brand's main models among several hesitant, then it may do comparison site. In addition to HD display after lighting to contrast with your eyes can distinguish between good and bad, you can also shape the overall design, production process and product appearance of fine fashion and other aspects of comparison. Tip three: Technical indicators applicable like

Many consumers in the purchase of LCD monitors will find the time, the current civilian liquid crystal displays, are used in almost all TN screens. But TN LCD screen also has good and bad points, including color saturation, color, contrast, and color shift indicators, mastering various vendors and technologies related to different resources panel, there will be some differences. Generally speaking, the current market sales of large brand owners to purchase Class A panel upstream priority, this type of panel in color saturation, reducing other indicators of performance will be more prominent.

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