LCD production capacity much affect the entire big-screen market

- Jul 13, 2016 -

Currently occupy the global LCD market is mainly the cost of construction of the 8th generation production line and the 8.5 generation line panel line is generally more than 12 billion, such a large investment, inevitably a lot of shipments in order to obtain profits, since the display market continued warming, increasing the number of panel makers, especially in the Chinese market in recent years, additional LCD production line, especially the more, the future may also increase the production line. When an oversupply of LCD panel prices will drop.

Panel is too big, the price of the computer screen from big price cuts, can also feel it, and now this trend has reached the big screen market. Not just the desktop display market, mobile devices, the traditional notebook computers, televisions and large-screen display areas will enter into lasting price war, since there are other elements of smart devices can compete, pure display devices face more significant pressure. For LCD panel production line investment, the phenomenon is still not slowing down, so this phenomenon in a short time will not ease.

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