LCD monitor continuously meet customer needs

- Jul 13, 2016 -

Monitor security configuration demand is very large, with LCD technology mature and declining cost, LCD monitors also been near the people, users of LCD monitors have become more sophisticated, and their accompanying security equipment competition, LCD high-definition monitor is bound to intelligent roads, and continuous innovation to indicate its performance in order to keep up with the development trend of the security monitoring market, security monitoring equipment to meet user requirements for increasingly high demand.

Interpolation frame frequency doubling technology of video data, video processing, intelligent computing technology, IPS hard screen display wide viewing angle technology, and even Android technology, it will be reflected in the confusion between. Future, multi-function, multi-element will be the development direction of the monitor display device, the market demand will also be diversified, segmentation. HD, intelligence is the future direction of the entire video surveillance system for the back-end display devices, LCD monitor technology trends are: low power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving, ultra-thin, high-contrast, multi-functional, low-cost, no flicker, full HD display screen and smooth, wide viewing angle.

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