LCD liquid crystal display device troubleshooting tips

- Jul 13, 2016 -

Special structure and principle of the LCD display, in addition to require special installation, connection technology and lighting technology, in use, there are also some special needs and require special attention.

This module is described in use, assembly, storage, maintenance, and maintenance on a number of issues should pay special attention to make a presentation, and use in some way the fault prone to offer some tips for the exclusion of the LCD screen and the LCD display.

Second, the use troubleshooting

When using the module, sometimes due to the irrational use of unsuitable conditions and substandard parts or improper installation methods fail a qualified LCM LCD. Its troubleshooting method is as follows.

1. "writing" Troubleshooting

After a few hours or days using the electrodes appear discolored black, brown "writing", LCD liquid crystal glass bubbles, so that the LCD monitor can not display. This is due to the driving voltage of the DC component is too large, causing the electrochemical reaction caused. Check the circuit, excluding the DC component is too large, and try again to get a new LCD liquid crystal display device can be.

When just a "writing", the LCD liquid crystal display device can be heated to a liquid crystal display device LCD display face all black, and then stop heating, natural cooling, and can remove the "handwriting." Note LCD monitors should immediately stop heating after dark, otherwise it will damage the structure and Polaroid LCD display.

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