And led the LCD screen LCD screen which is more popular

- Jul 13, 2016 -

Then the LED display and LCD splicing screen compared to who is the real king of the screen, specifically from the following aspects of our analysis will be clear.

Life LED life longer than the life of LCD.

LED refresh rate refresh rate is higher than the LCD, fast response.

LED energy consumption in terms of energy consumption is much lower than the LCD, and therefore the use of LED better environmental protection.

Compared to LCD brightness LED color relatively pure, there is a wider color gamut, brightness is relatively high, it can increase the viewing angle of the display.

Viewing distance: LCD for a closer look, but the current LED dot pitch has been done 2mm, a closer look is not a problem.

LED backlight screen using LED lights, light emitting diodes, LCD splicing screen using a cold cathode ray tube, LCD cheaper price.

With the expansion of the scope of application of LED display and infiltration, LED electronic display and LCD splicing screen application competition has become increasingly fierce. Today, both can be used in certain situations, then how to choose? What is the difference between the two and advantage? The following information will give you detailed answers.

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