10K ultra-high-definition LCD screen LCD screen ultra-fresh standard definitions

- Jul 13, 2016 -

BOE said that while Sharp as early as in 2012 launched the world's first 85 inches 8K TV, but in recent years, and it is Panasonic, Samsung, LG and other foreign brands have no substantial progress. For example, South Korea is still two strong effort to solve the low brightness, large power consumption, poor penetration and high cost.

At the same time, domestic 8K product also conquered the Japanese, the famous photographer Mau hand wood show row after appreciation sigh, "8K shows no loss of each pixel, such as high-performance screen printing products like without the slightest noise, power quality performance shock. "

Statistics show that they are headquartered in Beijing last year, smart phones and tablet PCs share of the world's first LCD monitor in the country has three 8.5-generation panel production line. In the industry, the display resolution of the replacement cycle is generally six years, such a brilliant display of 1080p 2006-2012,4K is expected to reach its peak in 2018, the reasons for this is the layout of the first major manufacturers of lies.

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